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19th Aug 2015

Non-League football match descends into ridiculous 22-man brawl (Video)

Tom Victor

Some football fans watch the beautiful game for its last-minute wins, others for its glorious pieces of skill.

But a few tune in purely in the hope of something like this happening.

We’re not condoning violence, but the brawl that broke out in a Northern Premier League game between Ramsbottom United and Buxton FC was a sight to behold.

All 22 players got involved – including one Ramsbottom defender who sat down a few yards away before deciding he didn’t want to miss out on the action.

Strangely, neither club made mention of the carnage on their official Twitter accounts, nor did they let on that one player from each side was sent off for their part in proceedings.

A match report from Ramsbottom described the episode as “handbag-waving”, though a Buxton live updates account had more information.