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06th Sep 2016

Nicolas Dalby shows off gruesome eye injury after UFC Hamburg beating



A broken orbital bone is one of those injuries that looks exactly as bad as it sounds.

Over the past year, there have been quite a few horrific injuries inside the octagon. Just a few weeks ago, Sabah Homasi found himself with a rather nasty forehead gash while things seem even worse in Bellator where Cybros Santos was left with a fractured skull after his defeat to Michael Paige in London.

Nicolas Dalby entered into the UFC as an undefeated prospect, but after following up his defeat to Zak Cummings back in April with a lopsided unanimous decision loss (30-26 across the board) to Peter Sobotta in the lion’s den at the weekend, he holds a record of 1-2-1 on MMA’s biggest stage.

Dalby showed an almost superhuman ability to take damage without being finished to see the tough contest out until the final buzzer despite the fact Sobotta rocked him with a huge right uppercut midway through the first round.

The German pounced on his downed opponent on the mat and started lighting him up with hammer fists that clearly left a lasting impression on the Danish fighter.

It had become clear in the second round that Dalby was really struggling with an injury to his left eye and sure enough, the Dane showed off the extent of the damage on Instagram a couple of days later.

The diagnosis – a broken orbital bone.


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