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18th Oct 2015

Nicolas Anelka levels racism allegations at former Liverpool manager

Tom Victor

Nicolas Anelka has accused former Liverpool manager Gerard Houllier of displaying a “racist attitude”.

Anelka, who was brought to the Anfield club by Houllier on loan in 2001, has claimed recent comments in a book from the one-time France boss are “not the first time” the manager has shown signs of racism.

“He said in his book that my brothers wanted sell me to the highest bidder and that was the only time in his life he had seen blacks turn red,” Anelka said in a YouTube video.


Houllier hit out at the comments as “serious slander,” according to L’Equipe, adding: I defy anyone to say that I’m a racist with the number of black players with whom I have had the chance to work.”

Houllier name-checked Eric Abidal and Mahamadou Diarra, who he worked with during his time as manager of Lyon.