Neymar's Twitch account suspended after he revealed Richarlison's phone number 1 year ago

Neymar's Twitch account suspended after he revealed Richarlison's phone number

The Everton winger received 10,000 text messages

Neymar has had his Twitch account suspended after he accidentally revealed Richarlison's phone number to his audience.


Richarlison received 10,000 text messages after eagle eyed (and incredibly sad) viewers spotted his number.

Neymar has taken to live streaming his gaming adventures recently and obviously attracts a huge audience, such is his level of global stardom.

During a stream, he received a call from his Brazil teammate and good friend Richarlison and decided to put his phone screen up to the camera, before answering the call.

In doing, thousands of viewers were able to pause the stream and take note of the number. Presumably, Richarlison has now got a new phone number.

Neymar actually realised the error of his ways during the call, telling Richarlison he thought he might have accidentally shown the viewers his number, which probably didn't help things, to be honest.


The Everton man then tweeted after the call had ended that he had received 10,000 texts in five minutes, with a sarcastic thank you to his international teammate.

Twitch have not actually disclosed the reason for Neymar's ban but it is widely assumed to be in relation to this gaffe, as Neymar suggested on Instagram on Tuesday.

"Guys, I got banned from Twitch, if I'm not mistaken for seven days, because of 'Pombo' [Richarlison]," he said on his Instagram story.


The video, which featured the Everton star, was captioned: "I accidentally showed Richarlison's number," accompanied by a few laughing emojis, showing they both saw the funny side of it.