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13th Oct 2021

Newcastle fan releases song dedicated to Amanda Staveley after Saudi takeover

Reuben Pinder

Oh my God it’s so bad

A Newcastle United fan has released a song dedicated to Amanda Staveley, heaping praise on the person who engineered the Saudi takeover of the club last week.

Many Newcastle fans, this guy included, are understandably over the moon to see the back of Mike Ashley, whose neglectful ownership had seen the club stray into bottom half obscurity for most of the past 14 years.

Other fans are more conflicted, expressing concerns over Saudi Arabia’s human rights record, even if it is claimed that the Private Investment Fund, chaired by Mohammed bin Salman (crown prince of Saudi Arabia) is a separate entity to the state itself.

This guy though, appears to be so deep in the sauce that he’s actually written, recorded, and published a cover of Barry Mannilow’s Oh Mandy, about the club, the takeover, and Staveley’s part in the deal.

Ladies and gentlemen, without further ado, this is The Geordie Singer, with Amanda.


I’m sorry. If we heard it, you have to as well.

To be fair, The Geordie Singer has a decent voice. You can imagine him singing the original on a cruise ship somewhere in the Med to a partially engaged crowd.

This, though, is not the one.

What stage of capitalism are we at when football fans are serenading minority shareholders in football clubs who enabled oppressive regimes to have a crack at laundering their global image by attaching themselves to a Premier League brand?