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17th Dec 2016

Neville to face journalists in TV debate after claiming ‘print journalism is becoming really sh*t’

Into the lion's den

Nooruddean Choudry

This should make for intriguing viewing.

Gary Neville has been very vocal about the state of journalism in this country of late. Or rather ‘print journalism’ as he calls it, presumably to distinguish it from the televised form of media analysis that he is heavily involved in with Sky Sports.

The pundit took particular umbrage to a story concerning his own comments about how Europa League football is extremely energy sapping. The Mirror piece wasn’t particularly offensive, but maybe it was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

After Neville exclaimed that ‘print journalism is becoming really shit’, a number of notable sports writers including Rory Smith, John Cross and David Law questioned the blanket assertion and suggested that it may have been somewhat unfair.

Now the former England player is set to address the matter head on with a number of print journalists as a guest on this weekend’s Sunday Supplement. He will join Neil Ashton, Oliver Holt, Henry Winter and Martin Samuel around the table.

Fair play to Neville for agreeing to take part in what should be a fascinating discussion. The show will be televised at 9am on Sky Sports 1 HD.