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01st Nov 2018

Mohamed Salah posts ‘sensitive’ old selfie from his pre-afro days and looks a different man

The noughties were a bad time for fashion, but Liverpool's Mo Salah has bravely tweeted an old selfie from the time in which he looks a different man

Reuben Pinder

The noughties were a bad time for fashion

Do you ever think back to the noughties and question several life choices? The baggy jeans, the excessive hair gel, the massive trainers. It was truly a terrible time for fashion. Maybe we’ll look back on the 2010s as an equally bad era, who knows? Fashion is cyclical after all.

We are faced with two options when confronting this truth: untag ourselves from 150 photos on Facebook, pretend it never happened, and bury it deep; or embrace it, laugh when looking back, and tweet embarrassing selfies to 7.34m people.

That’s what Mohamed Salah has done, as he posted a selfie from his younger days on Wednesday night.

Salah can obviously see the funny side, captioning the photo ‘sensitive and romantic’ in his native Arabic, accompanied by a couple of emojis for good measure.

Breaking this photo down might be a challenge but let’s give it a go.

1. The background

It looks a bit like a £5 note, a bit like shit wallpaper. I’m a bit lost as to what’s going on there. Is he in front of a green screen?

2. The pose

Why does this winger look like he’s about to drop the hottest scoring streak of 2018?

3. The watch

You’d hope he’s not still wearing that brick on his wrist anymore. It more resembles something you’d expect to see in Spy Kids than on a footballer.

4. The hair

Nothing particularly wrong here, but he is definitely a lot more handsome with a lovely afro, isn’t he?

5. He’s clean shaven

Again, fine. But he does look significantly more dashing with a beard doesn’t he? As most men do. Considering his ability to grow a thick, even beard, it’s a surprise he ever opted for the clean shaven look.

This serves as a warning, and a lesson, to other top level footballers on how to own your embarrassing old selfies.