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23rd Apr 2015

MMA fighter ‘Freakshow’ on gang fights, wearing nail varnish and dressing as a clown

The scariest clown since 'It'...

Ben Kenyon

Mixed Martial Arts is known for its big characters like Conor McGregor.

But Colin Fletcher is a different level.

Nicknamed ‘Freakshow’, Fletcher is known to enter the ring dressed as a clown, flanked by a colourful entourage of fellow freaks.

They broke the mould when they made him.

The Lonsdale-sponsored fighter is gearing up for an all-British match-up with former UFC veteran Andre Winner at BAMMA 20 this Saturday broadcast live on Spike TV.

“When I started fighting I always fancied doing something a little bit different, dressing up like an idiot really because I am basically,” Fletcher told JOE ahead of the fight.

“It started in the gym, the guys just called us a bit of a freak because I would paint my nails. The Freakshow just kind of stuck on the end for a little show bit. I’m just a bit of a weird person in general, to be honest with you.”

For all his clowning around, fun-loving Freakshow is no side-show – he has a solid record of 11 wins and four losses.

Despite seven of his wins coming by submission, his striking and stand-up game are equally deadly.

Fletcher’s background is boxing – he didn’t come to MMA until the age of 24. But he cut his teeth fighting for money in a Sunderland gang.

“I kind of started boxing when I was 13 until I was 16,” he said. “I was boxing for quite a while.

“When I was 16 I tailed off into being a bit of an idiot, which I’m not proud of,  and I had a few years where I was not a nice person and I was fighting people for money round the streets.”

But Fletcher left his street fighting days behind him and now earns a respectable living inside the cage.

At 32 he’s married and settled with a family. He is coming into the Winner fight off the back of two wins against Tony Hervey and Michael Brightmon.

Fletcher is looking for his third straight win in the BAMMA series.

He is training harder than ever in order to defeat Winner again after scoring a unanimous decision against the 33-year-old in a K1 match up last year.

“I’m expecting him to be gunning for revenge,” Fletcher said.

“I’m giving him a lot more respect for this one, I’m thinking he’s taken a loss from me, so he’s gonna be after revenge, to be honest that’s inspiring me to train that little bit harder.”

Fletcher expects a tough fight, but is ready to finish Winner if he puts a foot wrong.

BAMMA 20 is at the Barclaycard Arena in Birmingham this Saturday.