Michael Owen reveals he's never drunk tea or coffee 3 years ago

Michael Owen reveals he's never drunk tea or coffee

Michael Owen has been on the face of this planet for 38 years

Thirty-eight years.


In that time, he's packed a lot in. Amongst other things, he's scored in World Cups, won a Ballon d'Or and been forced to watch Jurassic Park... twice.

And yet despite all this, the former Liverpool, Real Madrid and Manchester United striker has never once had a cup of tea or coffee. Unbelievable.

Speaking to JOE recently, Owen admitted he wasn't a fan of the hot drinks - though had recently learned how to make them.

"I've never drunk a cup of tea in my life, or coffee for that matter," he said. "But I have just learnt how to make one."


Owen was also asked about his social media activity, more specifically his famous tweet about driving over a rabbit in October 2013.

The tweet, which currently has over 17,000 retweets, reads: 'Just ran over a rabbit. Devastated.'

Recalling the incident which prompted the tweet, Owen said: "I live out in the sticks, a little bit in the country and I'm just going down my drive, and a rabbit ran straight in front of me and went 'crunch' under my wheel.

"And I genuinely was gutted. I don't know why I just... five minutes later when I got in the house I put 'just ran over a rabbit. Devastated.

"Even to this day, years and years on, it's the most retweeted thing on my timeline. I love the way people remember it."


Another of his memorable tweets, sent four years ago, revealed he had only ever seen eight films in his entire life.

Asked about this, he reaffirmed his hatred for films before reluctantly acknowledging that Cool Runnings was "probably" his favourite.

"I was forced to watch about 10 when I was a kid," he said. "I can't stand them. I've watched 'Heat', I've watched 'Rocky', I've watched 'Jurassic Park' twice, 'Ghost'... oh, the bobsleigh one... oh, what's that called? Jamaican bobsleigh... 'Cool Runnings!

"Probably, out of all of those, I'll go for 'Cool Runnings'."