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08th Apr 2017

Memphis Depay’s pre-match message was just not a good idea

That's where arrogance gets you

Darragh Murphy

Oh Memphis!

There’s a good reason why footballers seldom engage in the kind of trash talk that you see in boxing or mixed martial arts.

And that’s because football fans are absolutely ruthless and will not hesitate to remind players of precisely what they had said if their pre-match threat doesn’t come to fruition.

Step forward Memphis Depay.

The Lyon winger is, of course, most vividly remembered from his struggles at Manchester United but he added quite a remarkable low-light to his career on Saturday.

As he put together the final preparations ahead of his new side’s home tie with Lorient in Ligue 1, Depay felt it appropriate to tweet the below.

Now, in case you don’t get the reference of “fish on the menu,” perhaps we should remind you of Lorient’s crest.

The image of a lion (Lyon) pressing its paw on a fish (Lorient) was presumably supposed to represent an impending devouring of the visitors by Memphis & Co.

While the home side got off to the perfect start, with Depay setting up teammate Correntin Tolisso for the opener, it all quickly went downhill.

After conceding before the break, Lyon went on to ship a further goals in the second half to fall to a 4-1 defeat.

It’s not like anyone was going to remember what Depay had said just hours earlier though, right?