Marouane Fellaini claims Manchester United are not far off Manchester City's level 3 years ago

Marouane Fellaini claims Manchester United are not far off Manchester City's level

Whatever helps you sleep at night, Marouane

The chasm between Manchester City and Manchester United has never been larger in City's favour. Pep Guardiola, with the help of a bottomless pit of money, has lifted City to a level arguably never seen before in the Premier League.


The recent result in the Manchester derby, which City won 3-1 while hardly breaking a sweat, emphasised their dominance. However, United's midfielder and Plan B in chief doesn't believe the gap is that big.

Speaking to Sky SportsFellaini claimed that the emergence of a big six, rather than the traditional big four, has made the league much more competitive.

When asked whether the result in the recent derby was evidence of an ever increasing gap, Fellaini said: "I don't think so. I remember when I arrived in England it was a top four, now it is a top six, so every year it is more difficult."


"Next season we will see how it changes and in two and three years I think every year it is more difficult, the intensity is higher, so that's why the Premier League is attractive," the Belgian said.

"Manchester City are strong, but I think they will lose. Ok, they are very good and they have good players but it's possible to beat them. We lost, but we have the second game at Old Trafford and we will see."

City remain undefeated in the league this season, having only dropped four points from 12 matches, two points ahead of Liverpool, while United trail in 8th, with four losses to their name already.

Jose Mourinho's side have set themselves a difficult task of retaining their place in the top four this season, and will look to recruit more players in the January window to bolster their chances of climbing up the table.