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16th Apr 2017

Manchester United fans will quickly be deleting these tweets about Mourinho’s team selection

Paul Moore

Delete, delete, delete.

Right now, Manchester United fans couldn’t care less if the Easter Bunny slapped them across the face because Mourinho’s men have beaten Chelsea by 2-0 at Old Trafford.

While United supporters are undoubtedly delighted to avenge the 4-0 drubbing that they got at Stamford Bridge, Spurs fans might be even happier with the result because it seems that we now have a title race on our hands.

Granted, there’s still four points between the league leaders and Pochettino’s side, but not everyone felt that that United could topple Conte’s men, especially after seeing Mourinho’s team selection.

While the win renews Manchester United’s hopes of finishing in the top four, the victory must have been even sweeter for the United manager, especially since he received a fair amount of  online criticism after announcing his starting XI.

Oh yeah, it was also against his old club.

Granted, the decision to leave out Zlatan, Carrick and Mkhitaryan rightfully raised some eyebrows, but Mourinho was fully vindicated by his selection and tactics.

Somehow, we think that these United supporters couldn’t care less that they’ve been proven wrong.

All we’re going to say is that anyone can get it wrong. Mourinho didn’t.