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18th Jul 2016

Manchester United fans hit out after club’s ‘new signing’ isn’t Paul Pogba

New number seven?

Tom Victor

Richard Branson and Paul Pogba. One’s a world-renowned star instantly recognisable for his outlandish hairstyle, and the other plays in midfield for Juventus.

Manchester United unveiled a new ‘signing’ this morning, but it was the latest addition to their growing list of off-field partnerships, rather than anyone who might improve the first team.

Virgin Money have been announced as United’s new UK Retail Financial Services Partner, making Branson the most underwhelming Old Trafford number seven since Michael Owen made the trip across from Tyneside.

Despite United making another high-profile addition to their billion-dollar brand, something we documented at the start of last season, some fans are restless as they are hoping to see their side improve on last season’s fifth-place finish.

It seemed they would have preferred a French international midfielder to a billionaire tycoon. Who knew?!

Manchester United group managing director Richard Arnold described the partnership as a deal which “brings together for the first time two iconic brands; two industry leaders who have a reputation as innovators in their fields”.

You know who else is an innovator on the field? That’s right, Paul Labile Pogba. Don’t believe us? Could someone who isn’t an innovator do this? Or this? Or this? That’s what we thought. Snapchat