Manchester City's Benjamin Mendy receives one year driving ban 3 years ago

Manchester City's Benjamin Mendy receives one year driving ban

He claims not to have been at the wheel

Manchester City defender Benjamin Mendy has received a one year driving ban after accumulating 24 points on his license.


His Mercedes was caught speeding four times in the space of a fortnight, but Mendy claims not to have been the person driving the car at those times. However, when the Frenchman failed to report who was at the wheel, police reported him to the courts.

Mendy, 24, was convicted of four charges of failing to provide information. The Man City player was also fined £2,500 and ordered to pay £185 costs.

He picked up six points on his license for each of the four offences, all of which occurred in February this year. The speeds at which the car was travelling were not disclosed in court.

Documents were sent to the player's home, requesting the identity of the driver but he did not respond to letters, Manchester Magistrates' Court was told.

He was criticised for not attending the hearing.

"We are dealing with four offences here, two on the same day, and it's a serious matter. They have been completely ignored and I think it is discourteous that he is not here so we can talk to him about it," said magistrate chair Michael Blackhurst.


His lawyer Gwyn Lewis asked to accept the disqualification on his behalf, arguing: ''I deem him present by my presence.''

"It's unfortunate that he wasn't the driver, but that is not the issue, it's that he has not corresponded," said Lewis.

"He is aware that he is being disqualified and is not driving currently. It's the first time he has been at court in this country and he is not originally from here. This is his first disqualification and it has been explained to him how serious this is."