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09th Mar 2017

Manchester City mocked (again) for empty seats at the Etihad

Here we go again...


As far as Wednesday’s football went, it’s safe to say that Manchester City’s 0-0 draw at home to Stoke won’t have got anyone’s vote for game of the night.

With most people more concerned with what was going on with Barcelona and Paris Saint-Germain in the Nou Camp, Pep Guardiola’s side were frustrated by Stoke, and saw any remote hopes of catching Chelsea die with the two dropped points.

Football aside, some of those watching the game at the Etihad made an all-too-predictable observation…

Yep, you guessed it. Well done you.

The sight of patches of bare blue seats at the Etihad is something that supporters of other clubs (especially the other Manchester club) have a solid track record of gleefully pointing out, and they were quick to pounce during Wednesday’s game.

Now to offer a bit of balance, City are by no means the only club that suffer from the odd few thousand vacant seats, especially in the early minutes of a game. They’re also not alone in seeing several supporters leave a few minutes early in a bid to beat the traffic. But, as the tweet below points out, there was an obvious difference between the percentage of people that decided to stick around at the Nou Camp in the hope that Barca nabbed the three goals they needed to see off PSG than those that waited to see if City could find just one against Stoke.

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