Man United have finally dropped their away kit and it's a beauty 3 years ago

Man United have finally dropped their away kit and it's a beauty

Forget about Mourinho for a second and just look at the sauce

Pink kits are a divisive thing for some reason but they really shouldn't be.


Pink kits are always good, they are always flamey and consequently, they are always flames. As a proud owner of a shocking pink Hamburg away shirt, I can testify that owning one is not only a complete necessity for any self-proclaiming football kit collector, but it is also a completely life-changing experience.

You will suddenly start scoring bangers and nutmegging people for fun at five-a-side, or, if you did that before anyway, you will just look even better doing it. Trust me on that. People will start trying to hack you every time you touch the ball and you will just glide past them like a greased up Dimitar Berbatov flying down a water slide.

Whilst Man United's new away shirt, released weeks after just about every other club in the Premier League for some reason, isn't quite on the same level of audaciousness as my Hamburg jersey in terms of colour, it is still an absolute beauty.


Just take a look at it.

They've combined a light pastel shade of pink with a slightly darker tone for the iconic three stripes and sleeve trim, leaving the colour to do all the work and keeping things as simple as possible.


As always with a shirt focusing on a bold colour, clean is best, and even the eyesore of the Chevrolet logo doesn't look that bad anymore.

Whatever happens during the rest of the season with regards to Mourinho, just know that Paul Pogba is going to do some absolutely ridiculous things as soon as he dons this pink kit. Jesse Lingard is going to make your dad's head explode as soon as he bangs one in from 30 yards and Milly Rocks in it, too.

It won't suit Phil Jones though. Nothing will ever suit Phil Jones unless it comes with mud stains already incorporated into the design.