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23rd Sep 2020

Liverpool vs Arsenal to be moved to 8pm so fans in pubs can watch whole game

Liverpool vs Arsenal's kick-off time will be moved forward to 8pm rather than 8:15 to ensure fans in pubs can watch the full game before curfew

Reuben Pinder

The kick off time has been moved due to the 10pm curfew

Liverpool vs Arsenal will kick off 15 minutes earlier than planned on Monday night to ensure that fans watching in stadiums will be able to watch the whole game before 10pm, when pubs will be forced to shut under new government guidelines, according to a Daily Mail exclusive.

The game was initially meant to kick off at 8:15pm but that would have meant fans could be kicked out with five minutes of the game remaining, after Boris Johnson confirmed that pubs and restaurants would be made to close no later than 10pm.

Because coronavirus is nocturnal.

Talks were held between the two clubs and the Premier League and a decision was made, the Mail reports, that both clubs are happy with.

The same logic will apply to all televised fixtures going forward, with none kicking off no later than 8pm.