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03rd Apr 2017

Liverpool fan brings his own yellow card to the Merseyside Derby

No. Just no.



As much as we’d love to try and defend this fella, we quite simply can’t.

As any match-going football fan can appreciate, it’s very easy to find yourself baying for opponent players to receive yellow cards during the heated atmosphere of a local derby.

This, we can understand.

What we can’t understand, however, is why a match-going fan would decide before setting off for a game to slip a (quite possibly home-made) yellow card into their pocket, solely with the intention of flashing it in the direction of the away fans every time a poor tackle was made.

But hey, that’s what one Liverpool supporter did during the Merseyside Derby on Saturday afternoon.

As shown by this tweet from an Evertonian sitting in the away end, the man channelled his inner Mike Dean every time a Liverpool player was on the wrong end of a challenge from an Everton player.

Perhaps his actions prompted the head in hands reaction from the bloke sitting a row behind him?

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