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05th Oct 2015

Lionel Messi’s new ’10/10′ boots are ‘super limited’ edition (Pic)

Tom Victor

Lionel Messi’s new ’10/10′ football boots were already likely to be hot property, but now they’re likely to be even more sought after.

Just 100 pairs will be made available, according to manufacturer Adidas, and they will all go on sale on October 10 at the Adidas store in Barcelona.

Demand was always going to be high; we just hope the shop’s security is more robust than the Barcelona defensive line that shipped four goals to Celta Vigo last month.

If you were wondering about the name, Adidas have said the boots are being released “In celebration of football perfection. 10/10, just like Messi.”

In fairness, they do look absolutely lovely.