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06th Jul 2017

“Let me bang, bro” guy really wanted to be allowed to bang again on TUF

It all kicked off

Darragh Murphy

Three things are certain in life.

Death, taxes and Julian Lane drunkenly attempting to fight people on television.

Lane found himself forever resigned to the realm of mixed martial arts memes with his infamous outburst on the 16th season of The Ultimate Fighter.

A member of Roy Nelson’s team, Lane was defeated in the elimination round by Bristol Marunde but, despite his underwhelming performance on the show, he will go down in MMA lore for his shit-fit on Episode 8.

“Let me bang, bro!” Lane roared through drunk tears as he attempted to put his hands on Dom Waters.

It is one of the most iconic moments in TUF history just due to how ridiculous Lane came across.

His infamy ended up serving him well because he got the call to return on The Ultimate Fighter: Redemption this year, the series on which fighters from past seasons came back and fought one another, with the tournament winner receiving prize money of $250,000.

Like history repeating itself, Lane was sent packing at the preliminary stage of the competition and started drowning his sorrows in his downtime, with no fights to worry about.

The “Let me bang, bro” side of the 29-year-old reared its ugly head on this week’s episode when he got into a scuffle with top UFC flyweight Tim Elliott, who was brought in by TJ Dillashaw to offer a boost to regular training partner James Krause.

As you can see from the below clip, it all kicked off in the TUF house and Elliott was forced to leave so that the situation could calm down.

A similarly soused Seth Baczynski then got into it with Krause, shoving the current UFC lightweight in the face.

Who knew that putting 14 cage-fighters with chips on their shoulders into a confined space for two months could result in such an overflow of testosterone?