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21st Sep 2020

Leicester tweet hilarious Always Sunny inspired praise for Dennis Praet

Leicester City tweeted their own new version of the 'Dennis system' from hit sitcom It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia after Praet's masterclass

Reuben Pinder

Retweets will prevail!

Finding new ways of standing out from the crowd is increasingly difficult for the social media admins of this world. Twitter is a cesspit, awash with toxicity and pure negative vibes. You’ll know this, you’re on there and you’re probably well versed in strangers calling you the C bomb for saying you enjoy a thing. Doesn’t matter what.

But sometimes, hear me out, Twitter is good! It can also be a great platform for creativity, and Leicester City’s club admin demonstrated as much with a genius reference to hit sitcom It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia after their win over Burnley on Sunday night.

Official club banter can often be cringeworthy, for sure, especially in Germany. And this tweet will have appeared as such to a lot of non-Sunny fans. But why would you cater your content to people have not seen Sunny? These people don’t matter.

Anyway, the tweet was their own take on ‘The Dennis System’, Dennis Reynolds’ foolproof method of making any woman fall in love with him. We should clarify, the system outlined in the TV show is not condoned by JOE. Dennis is a psychopath.

Dennis Praet, on the other hand, is a very good footballer, and fully deserved all the praise he got for his performance against Burnley.

I’ve kept you waiting long enough, here is the tweet.

‘Dominate the midfield’, fine.

‘Encourage team-mates’, ok, cool.

‘Never stop running,’ nice.

‘Net a screamer’, correct, that he did.

‘Impress the blue army’, clutching at straws a bit here, guys.

‘Secure the three points’, a good note to end on.

10/10 Twittering. Well done.