Leeds United demolish Niall Horan in Twitter exchange 3 years ago

Leeds United demolish Niall Horan in Twitter exchange

Yes, you read that headline correctly

Do you ever take a step back and occasionally wonder what exactly is happening? There was a time when the world was a relatively normal place, or at least that's what people will tell you.


It's hard to believe it now, but there was a time before the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom would come out on stage at her party conference dancing like a puppet that has had its joints glued shut, before the President of the United States publicly mocked disabled people, before football managers started feuding with mascots who subsequently resigned, and before football fans got the names of other teams' players printed on the back of their jerseys.


Yes, there was a time before this indescribable hellscape of hilarity became our normal, but that time is not now.

No, now is the time for banter, on all fronts apparently. There is nothing too sacred to avoid being bantered by someone, whether that someone be a politician, a mascot in a hornet costume, or the admin behind a Championship club's Twitter account.

The Championship club in question is Leeds United, who currently sit top of the league, level on points with Middlesbrough.

Now presumably at one point last night the admin was just minding his own business, paying attention to his side's 2-0 victory against struggling Ipswich Town.


But at some point in the night something happened, something that was utterly unconnected to Leeds United, at that moment anyway.

The something was pop star and former One Direction singer Niall Horan lauding Derby County for the style of football they play. This led one of his followers to ask him to send Leeds "a bit of luck".

Horan wasn't in the mood though, and merely replied "No one likes Leeds".

Now, in a normal world none of this would be happening at all. But, as we have discussed already, this is no normal world. So, in that spirit, the person behind the Leeds United account decided to quote Horan's tweet, take a deep breath and tweet: "No one likes your solo career #BringBack1D".


So there you have it. This is a thing that happened. Are you a little stupider now for having read about this? Probably. But this is the world we live in. Better to just accept it and move on.