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11th Apr 2016

Kimbo Slice argues that fighters should be allowed to take “a little extra vitamins” to perform

Kimbo weighs in on the issue of PEDs

Ben Kiely

Not everyone will agree with the latest comments from Kimbo Slice.

The Bellator fighter, real name Kevin Ferguson, tested positive for the steroid nandrolone and was also found to have an elevated testosterone-to-epitestosterone ratio, in a pre-fight urine test before his fight against Dada 5000 at Bellator 149 in February.

Slice offered a very suspect explanation for the positive drug test result in an interview with

“Maybe the guy (from the laboratory) used the same glove from Ken’s shit and touched my shit, I don’t know.”

Kimbo Dada

When asked about the problem of performance enhancing drugs in MMA, the 42-year-old argued fighters of a certain age should be allowed to take a little something extra to perform.

“Like, the average guy would be at the desk or at the TV for example, his testosterone levels don’t need to be that high, because he’s just chilling at his job,” he said

“But when you’re working a job, when you’re a entertainer, when you put your body through some serious workout, I think your levels should be a little bit above normal, because you gotta be able to compete on a professional level.

“I don’t think the commissioners should really blackball fighters for having to use a little extra vitamins to perform. ‘Cause we’re entertainers. We perform on a high level. We put our body through some extreme workout to entertain the public and the media.”

Dada 500 Kimbo finish

Slice added that the athletic commissions who conduct the drug tests should reconsider the maximum testosterone levels permitted for older fighters. He argued that, for fighters who are past their prime, the fight game is about entertainment and therefore they should be allowed to have levels which some would consider above normal.

“The commissioners should sit down and come to an agreement on what levels should be okay. You understand where I’m coming from?” he continued.

“The levels should be okay for professional entertainers on that level. You know, not so much like some guy who’s doing this for a living. We’re not those guys. We’re just performing for a certain time. So yes, our levels should be just a little bit above normal. That should be okay in the professional world.”