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08th Dec 2015

Kid interviewer grills Gary Neville about Salford City and who his favourite pundit is (Video)

Nooruddean Choudry

Move over Gary Lineker. In fact, Jon Snow too for that matter.

Young Rashad has Gary Neville and truly under the cosh as he grills him about various topics in the second part of a brilliant interview organised by Football Beyond Borders.

In Part 1, Rashad very nearly managed an exclusive, with Neville almost blabbing that he was going to take the Valencia job in Spain.

This time around, your intrepid miniture host asks the former Man United man who his favourite pundit is.

“The one I like watching most is Paul Scholes, because he makes me laugh as I know him so well,” answers Neville, before adding, “The best is Jamie Carragher, who I work with all the time.” Did work with, now. *sniff*

Rashad then asks Neville why he thinks Chelsea are struggling this season, and after acknowledging the toughness of the question, the new La Liga boss deftly side-steps actually providing an answer.

Finally, the conversation turns to Salford City, and Neville is positively gushing about his experience with the non-league club.

“It was my idea, with Ryan [Giggs], but then the rest of them had to say yes to it,” explains Neville. “We love Salford City. We absolutely love what’s going on down there.”

It’s a good thing too, Gary, because it looks like you’ve got competition when it comes to punditry.

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