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24th Feb 2019

Kepa Arrizabalaga caps off dramatic Carabao Cup final with cheeky wink to camera

Wayne Farry


Kepa Arrizabalaga is a messy bitch who lives for drama

Kepa, mate, you really fucked it tonight, but at least you did it in the funniest possible way.

When the Spanish goalkeeper was told by manager Maurizio Sarri that he would be replaced by sub goalkeeper Willy Caballero during the Carabao Cup final, most people would have expected him to do what footballers do and carry out his manager’s instructions.

Instead, he decided to publicly disobey Sarri in front of millions of viewers worldwide.

It was an astonishing moment and one which infuriated Sarri, who attempted to leave the pitchside area before presumably being told that he either couldn’t or shouldn’t.

Caballero too was visibly disappointed by the situation, while Kepa, well, just continued doing his thing.

For most goalkeepers that thing would have been to finish the game and knuckle down, attempting to prove to your manager that your decision was the right one.

For Kepa, though, that meant greeting the final whistle with a wink to the fucking camera.

Yes, he cared so little about the controversy of which he was moments before a central cog that he literally winked at the camera. Amazing.

Unfortunately for the former Bilbao man, the wink was the last moment of enjoyment he’d experience on the pitch, as he went on to allow a soft Sergio Aguero shot under him on the way to a penalty shootout defeat.