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14th Dec 2017

Juventus star has apologised for brutal response to 12-year-old on social media

Calm down, mate

Darragh Murphy

So Stefano Sturaro has a bit of a temper on him, then?

Sturaro has been forced to apologise to a 12-year-old for a response on social media which definitely crossed a line.

A nerve was clearly touched with the Juventus midfielder this week when he came in for some criticism on his Instagram page.

Sturaro is not one to sit idly by and have his performances ridiculed by anyone, regardless of their age, and he hit back with an absolutely brutal put-down to one child whose trolling really got under the Italy international’s skin.

“Sorry, Gomorra. Sit down or I’ll embarrass you to such a degree that you’ll cry for three days,” Sturaro replied, according to Football Italia. “Go play with your Pokemon and stop bothering me, you re**rd.

“Go cry to your mother, you damn child. Actually, I am at home with your mother.”

After his fiery response failed to go down well, Sturaro made the decision to apologise for his outburst.

The 24-year-old returned to Instagram to attempt to clear matters up.

“Often we players are insulted via social networks,” Sturaro said. “We ought to ignore them, but at times the instinct prevails. I apologise to anyone who felt affected by this.”