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31st Dec 2015

Jurgen Klopp’s best player of the season so far won’t surprise you

No surprises

Robert Redmond

Chat scheisse, get banged.

Jurgen Klopp is in absolutely no doubt about who the best player of the season has been.

It would have been a brazen move from the German to name a Liverpool player as the best of the first half of the Premier League campaign and it would certainly be a shame if a Leicester attacker wasn’t named.

Luckily, Klopp is a logical man and he’s picked Jamie Vardy as the player who impressed him most in the first four months of the season.


“You want to know why?” asked Klopp after Liverpool beat Sunderland on Wednesday night. “It is too obvious to tell you about this. He has had a really good season, along with his team.”

It’s almost impossible to argue with the Reds boss as Vardy has chipped in with 15 goals for the Foxes which leaves them in second place in the table at the turn of the year.