WATCH: Jurgen Klopp has heated confrontation with ballboy 4 years ago

WATCH: Jurgen Klopp has heated confrontation with ballboy

Jurgen Klopp momentarily lost his cool during Liverpool's Champions League clash against Sevilla on Tuesday.

There was a very brief moment involving Jurgen Klopp and a ballboy during the game at Estadio Ramon Sanchez Pizjuan that sparked a strong reaction from fans watching at home.


Liverpool won a throw-in during the first half and the ball boy decided to give the ball to Joe Gomez in a rather aggressive manner. The Liverpool player proceeded to tell him to calm down while Klopp came storming in and yelled at him to do the same thing. The referee then intervened to tell the manager to ease up and the situation quickly resolved itself.

Those in the crowd may have missed it, but the live broadcast showed a replay that showed, well, almost all of the story.

Although it was only a minor incident in the overall story of the game, it garnered a strong reaction from fans on social media.


Liverpool fans, for the most part, loved the moment.

Some Manchester United questions questioned if would more have been made of the situation of Jose Mourinho was the manager squaring up to the ballboy.


Others just enjoyed the brief moment of chaos before it simmered down.