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07th Nov 2015

Jose Mourinho has taken his first dig at Jurgen Klopp…

Sticks and stones

Robert Redmond

Jose Mourinho isn’t one to make friends with his rivals, and with Jurgen Klopp landing at Liverpool it seemed only a matter of time before the Chelsea boss had a dig.

At his press conference for Saturday’s game against Stoke, Mourinho – who will miss the match because of his stadium ban – took aim at Klopp’s sideline antics during Liverpool’s 3-1 win at Stamford Bridge last week.

“I had a game a few days ago where I stood for 90 minutes in my own technical area. The other manager [Klopp] was jumping like Michael Jordan and nothing happened,” Mourinho moaned.


“So, for me, I know everything is different. It’s all changed a lot. This is what I have. I have to adapt to it. I think the message the game’s powers want to give me. The message is more than clear.”

Does Mourinho have a point? Or is he merely suffering from a persecution complex?

Either way, if Klopp makes Liverpool top-four contenders, and Mourinho remains at Chelsea, expect more barbs towards the German from the Chelsea manager.