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02nd Sep 2015

Joey Barton seems pretty p*ssed off at Premier League clubs for not signing him

"it’s a no-brainer."

Ben Kenyon

Joey Barton is pretty confident in his own abilities.

The combative midfielder might be 33, but he still thinks he could do a job in the Premier League.

That’s why he’s p*ssed off “lazy” Premier League clubs didn’t take a punt on him in the transfer window.

Instead he’s had to bite the bullet and sign for Burnley – a town he slagged off barely a year ago on Twitter (with these admittedly hilarious tweets).

Barton, who has 255 Premier League appearances with Manchester City, Newcastle United and Queens Park Rangers, was almost offered a lifeline by West Ham United, but the move didn’t come off. He’s not happy.

“I felt I did well enough last year in a side that was struggling to earn another crack at that league,” Barton told the Daily Mirror.

“My playing ability is good enough to cope in that league. But people then start worrying about the baggage and how I’ll contribute to the group or how I’ll react if I’m not playing, which is lazy on their behalf.

“If you’re a Premier League club and you had the opportunity to take me on a free transfer, I think it’s a no-brainer. If you’re anyone from 10th down, it’s a no-brainer.”