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05th Apr 2016

Joe Marler has received his punishment for the “gypsy boy” incident

World Rugby has spoken

Ben Kiely

World Rugby have made their decision, Joe Marler’s getting a suspension and a fine.

Marler directed the insult at his Welsh rival and although he apologised shortly after the match and was cleared by Six Nations officials, World Rugby stepped in.

At the England prop’s hearing on Tusday, they found him to have breached Regulation 20 and the code of conduct, which “cover statements that are unsporting and/or insulting and/or discriminatory by reason of race or ethnic origin which bring or have the potential to bring the game into disrepute”.

As a result, they handed Marler a two-match ban and fined him £20,000 which is to be paid to a suitable equality charity. The statement provided the following reasoning for the ban:

  • That Marler had used unsporting and discriminatory language towards Lee
  • That by his actions, Marler had breached World Rugby Regulation 20 and the code of conduct and brought the game into disrepute
  • That Marler was proactive in apologising to Lee at half-time during the match and that he subsequently issued a public and unreserved apology for his comments
  • That Marler is a person of good character and had no similar misconduct charges