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19th Nov 2018

Jesse Lingard absolutely bodies Romelu Lukaku with piss-take rap video

A video of Romelu Lukaku rapping Jay-Z lyrics has taken social media by storm, and Manchester United's Jesse Lingard couldn't resist taking the piss

Reuben Pinder

This is high-end banter

You might have seen a video doing the rounds on social media of Manchester United striker Romelu Lukaku attempting to rap.

As part of a shoot with Puma Football, Lukaku went into the studio with hip-hop artist ‘TheColourGrey’. The pair discussed some of his latest recordings before Lukaku took to the mic and spat some old Jay-Z lyrics. And it’s safe to say he did not do so particularly well.

Despite his best efforts, Lukaku appears to lack the necessary rhythm and flow to be a rapper. Which is fine, because he’s a footballer, but still, that wasn’t going to stop the Twittersphere from ripping into him.

United’s chief joker Jesse Lingard also got involved, filming a parody video of Lukaku’s rap, coining the hashtag #RomChallenge on his Instagram story.

He even went to the length of recreating Lukaku’s ill-fitting hood by strapping what appear to be hotel slippers to his ears.

This episode serves as a reminder that nobody is free from being bantered off, especially when Lingard is around. Footballers have a lot of spare time, and mugging off their mates on social media is a popular hobby among them.

Lukaku will think twice before having another crack at breaking into the musical world after this, you’d assume.