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29th Nov 2018

Actor accuses ex-USA international of threatening to shoot him with assault rifle

Wayne Farry

jermaine jones

Jermaine Jones retired from professional football this year

Since then the former Schalke, Blackburn Rovers, LA Galaxy and US Men’s National Team midfielder has probably been doing regular recently-retired stuff like punditry, turning up at glitzy events, taking his coaching badges, ferrying his kids to school and the like.

You would probably not think that he has also spent at least a small portion of that time threatening a man with an assault rifle, but that – it would appear – is exactly what he has recently been accused of doing.

The man in question, an actor and singer named David Charvet, claims that Jones threatened him over what has been reported as a perceived belief that he was having an affair with the former player’s wife.

Charvet, who attained a restraining order against Jones, also claims that the 37-year-old “stalked” him and sent him text messages containing images of an AR-15 assault rifle.

A TMZ report on the topic showed that Jones accused Charvet of playing a part in the break up of his 11-year marriage, something the actor denies.

“I am in tremendous fear for my safety that he will stop at nothing to find me, continue to stalk me and carry through with his combative and threatening behavior,” Charvet told a court according to TMZ, adding that he was not in a relationship with Sarah Jones. “We are not romantically or sexually involved in any way whatsoever, we are simply friends.”

Jones is now forbidden from coming within 100 yards of Charvet.