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10th Apr 2017

Jamie Carragher uses hilarious son-in-law point to hammer Arsenal players

Both barrels

Darragh Murphy

When Graeme Souness referred to the Arsenal side as a “team of son-in-laws” back in 2015, we thought we’d seen one of the most cutting insults in football.

Well Jamie Carragher has only gone and topped it.

Souness was making the point that the Gunners had something of a soft reputation and that their niceness would have much more of a place on the doorstep of parents waiting to meet their daughter’s partner than it would on a football pitch.

But Carragher went one further after Crystal Palace’s 3-0 hammering over Arsenal on Monday night.

The legendary Liverpool centre-half, speaking on Monday Night Football, argued that Arsenal’s players wouldn’t make for great son-in-laws because of their lack of any backbone whatsoever.

“He (Souness) said they’re a team of son-in-laws but what father would want his daughter to bring one of them home?” Carragher said.

“I’m serious! Bottling it, cowards, ducking out of challenges, what type of man is that?

“Would you want your daughter bringing home one of them?

“I just think, from top to bottom, this club is not right.”