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27th Sep 2020

Jamie Carragher blasts rule makers after late Newcastle penalty against Spurs

Wayne Farry

“You’re ruining the game”

Jamie Carragher was one of a chorus of figures within football who criticised football’s rule makers after Newcastle United were awarded a controversial late penalty away to Tottenham Hotspur on Sunday afternoon.

Steve Bruce’s side, who barely created a chance the entire game, were awarded a penalty well into injury time after Andy Carroll’s header struck Eric Dier’s arm from point blank range.

Though correct by the handball rules currently implemented in the game, many lambasted the admittedly ludicrous nature of deeming such an incident to be a penalty.

Carragher, who was on co-commentary for the game, called on those making the rules to see sense.

“There’s been other decisions that have been given for penalties, like this. Eric Dier’s jumping for the header; has absolutely no control at all over where his arms are going when he’s jumping,” said Carragher.

“It’s an absolute disgrace. An absolute joke. Newcastle fans will be ecstatic – I understand that – but everybody else in this country will say exactly what I’m saying and what I’m thinking.

“This is a joke. Whether it’s the Premier League, the FA, FIFA, (Pierluigi) Collina – whoever’s involved in this, stop it. Because you’re ruining football for everybody.”