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15th Jun 2016

Listen to this Icelandic commentator lose his sh*t after their goal against Portugal

Pure unbridled joy

Tom Victor

Iceland and Portugal were the last two teams to get their Euro 2016 campaigns underway, drawing 1-1 in Saint-Etienne.

Nani’s first-half goal was cancelled out by Birkir Bjarnason in the game remembered for a bizarre record and some quotes from Cristiano Ronaldo which are even harder to explain.

Bjarnason’s volley, after a mistake from Portugal right-back Vierinha, was the island nation’s first ever goal at a major tournament.

Given the significance of the strike, it feels as though it wouldn’t be possible to overdo the celebrations.

And no one can blame the Icelandic commentator for reacting like a fan caught up in the excitement. This moment is never going to roll around again, so why not enjoy it?

Anyone whose experience of Iceland is shaped by the predominantly mellow music of Sigur Rós might be surprised by the volume and pitch, but those with longer memories will know this individual is not the first Nordic commentator to react emotionally to their country’s football exploits.

Norwegian Bjørge Lillelien took the mic for his country’s famous victory over England in 1981 and will forever be remembered for his “Your boys took a hell of a beating!” speech.

So while there may have only been two Euro 2016 matches last night, there was no shortage of entertainment. Isn’t football ace?