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17th Dec 2016

Here’s what Paige VanZant ate after her UFC Sacramento weigh-in

Good eating

Patrick McCarry

Paige VanZant is similar to most fighters on the UFC roster in despising the weight-cut ahead of a bout.

The women’s straw-weight fighter is up against Michelle Watterson at UFC Sacramento this weekend and had to completely strip off to make weight on the button of 116lbs [there is an additional one-pound limit allowed].

VanZant began preparing for her weight cut last week and her diet over the last few days was heavy on the fruit, protein bars and juices:

She just about got over the line but weight was made and she will face one of the hardest bouts of her UFC career against ‘The Karate Hottie’ at the Sacramento event, which is also serving as Urijah Faber’s MMA finalé.

Speaking to FOX Sports, VanZant told us what she would be tucking into over the next 24 hours to get back closer to her walking around weight:

“It’s going to be Thai food. Curry and Pad Thai, and rice, and all of it.”

She added, “I like pizza, [chicken] wings, everything.”

VanZant also likes to hit the clothes shops during her cuts and remarks that ‘if you shop, yo don’t think about the fact that you’re starving’.

The rewards come after the hard, weigh-cutting slog.

The Asian-theme is something that Holly Holm, who will fight for the newly created women’s featherweight title at UFC 208, partakes in after her weight cuts.

Sounds pretty good to us.