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08th Jun 2016

Here’s how far the JOE team think the Home Nations will get in Euro 2016

Our Euro 2016 predictions keep on coming

Carl Anka

As this year’s amazing Premier League season showed, trying to predict what will happen in football is a fool’s errand.

Luckily for you, the JOE team is entirely staffed by fools. We’ve tried our hand at predicting all the ins and out of Euro 2016. We will inevitably get a lot of things wrong, but we might get a few things right, and then talk about it for months.

We’ve already had a go at predicting who we think will win the tournament outright. Remember to send us a comment with your suggestions too.

For this feature, though, we’re going to try and figure out how far all the Home Nations (along with the Republic of Ireland) will get in the tournament.

Enjoy the JOE team’s Euro 2016 predictions. May sure you tell us your thoughts with a comment on Facebook.

England v Turkey - International Friendly

How far will England get?

Carl Anka – @Ankaman616

Quarter Finals. England are sure to get out their group after 3 stodgy games, and a Gary Cahill + Harry Kane salvo in the last 16, but I can’t see them progressing past the quarters, barring a freak Rooney purple patch or *gasp* we win a penalty shootout. This is also the part where I tell you I think Roy Hodgson is the best England manager we’ve had in 20 years and you yell at me.

Richard Beech – @BeechardRich

1st in group through a few 1-0s, then we’ll get dumped in the last 16 by Albania.

Kevin Beirne – @KevBeirne

Group B is the best possible group to be in when you take the knockout rounds into account. A first place finish guarantees England will face a 3rd place team while a 2nd-place finish gives them the runner up of Group F. So out on penalties to Italy in the quarter-finals it is!

Tom Victor – @tomvictor

The draw is very generous, and with the lack of stand-out teams I can see a run to the semi-finals. It will largely depend on how much (and in what role) Roy Hodgson uses Wayne Rooney, and a clear run in the group stages might mask his flaws to the point where he keeps more useful players out of action in the knockout rounds.


How far will the rest of the  Nations get?

Home Nations Euro2016 Collage

Tom Victor – @tomvictor

Wales ought to get out of the group, even if it’s through three of those goalless draws they’ve been getting so good at. Don’t see Northern Ireland or the Republic getting out of two tough groups.

Kevin Beirne – @KevBeirne

The Republic of Ireland are so unlucky to be put in the hardest group for the second Euros in a row. Everything rests on that opening game against Sweden. Three points should be enough to see any team through to the knockout stages. It’s still probably a step too far for them. Likewise, Northern Ireland will be targeting their game against Ukraine. Wales have no excuse to not at least make the knockout stages. A second round game against someone like Iceland is winnable.

Richard Beech – @BeechardRich

Wales will easily get into the last 16, and from there it’s anyone’s game. Northern Ireland seem to have an incredible atmosphere in the camp, so I think they’ll punch above their weight. I hope they do. I can’t wrap my head around the Republic of Ireland’s team, are they good? I honestly can’t tell.

Carl Anka – @Ankaman616

I think the group stages might be the limit for the rest, barring Wales – there lies a good, best 3rd place finish for them if they can keep their goal difference healthy. After that, it’s another gutsy defeat in the last 16.