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26th Apr 2017

Grimsby fans banned from bringing inflatable toys into ground, hire Mariachi band instead

Paul Moore

They’re looking to add some atmosphere to their match against Barnet.

Every football supporter will have their own routine when it comes to an away day.

An early start will usually require a hearty breakfast, some pints and decent company, but if you’re a supporter of Grimsby Town, your trip to The Hive Stadium on Saturday is going to be more colourful than most because a group of supporters have hired a Mariachi band to make the journey.

Why? Well, there’s a very specific reason.

Back in 2015, a Grimsby supporter had his beach ball confiscated by stewards during their National League game against Forest Green.

In protest of this, a small number of Grimsby fans descended on Barnet with a plethora of inflatable toys. Things turned ugly though when a Mariners fan ‘assaulted’ one of Barnet’s steward with an inflatable shark. The supporter was fined £100 and also given a 12-month conditional discharge.

Clip via – swilly12345

In an effort to prevent such ‘violent’ scenes from reoccurring, Barnet have banned people from using inflatable toys this Saturday, but rather than let this news deflate them, the Grimsby fans have come up with a genius solution to add some atmosphere to this weekend’s game.

In a Crowdfunder post, they’ve said : “Barnet away in 2015 was a great day for the fans of Grimsby Town,  it was a fun protest in response to the terrible treatment of a fellow Grimsby fan at Forest Green for being in possession of an inflatable football. The away day has been credited by many as the start of what has become an incredible following and it’s atmosphere away from Blundell Park. Including ludicrous charging of Kenneth Meech for “assault” with an inflatable shark on a Barnet steward. We would like to carry on the idea of a fun protest while still respecting the wishes of Barnet Football Club to ban inflatables. We would do this by hiring a Mariachi band to bring joy to football fans of both clubs.”

We’re happy to report that their intended target of £1,000 has been met.

Yes, that’s right. It seems that there’s going to be a Maricahi band in the stands for Barnet vs Grimsby.

What a time to be alive.