Gianni Infantino’s astonishing response to Qatar migrant workers question 3 months ago

Gianni Infantino’s astonishing response to Qatar migrant workers question


Gianni Infantino provided an astonishing answer when he was questioned about the ongoing issue surrounding the treatment of migrant workers at the Qatar World Cup.


Workers have been subject to abhorrent conditions

The build-up to the World Cup has been overshadowed by some of the appalling conditions that workers helping to prepare the Arab state for football's biggest tournament.

As well as the abhorrent tales of abuse migrant workers have suffered, Qatar have also been condemned for their ban on homosexuality, with members of the LGBTQ+ community also being advised to be careful should they choose to go to the World Cup.


Human rights activist groups such as Amnesty International have called upon nations to take a stand and boycott the tournament and the latest comments from FIFA president Gianni Infantino will no doubt leave a sour taste in the mouth of many.

When asked about the ongoing issues in the Middle East at a business conference in California, Infantino stunned the audience with a tone-deaf comment in which he compared the abuse migrant workers had suffered to the way


"My parents emigrated from Italy to Switzerland. When you give work to someone, even in hard conditions. you give him dignity and pride," he said.

An investigation in April revealed that organisers of the World Cup admitted to exploiting migrant workers while under contract during preparations for the tournament.

In addition to working over the maximum working hours of 60 per week, some workers even went months (and in some cases, years) without having a day off.


"These violations were completely unacceptable and led to a range of measures being enforced, including placing contractors on a watch-list or black-list to avoid them working on future projects – including the FIFA World Cup – before reporting said contractors to the Ministry of Labour for further investigation and punitive action."

The World Cup begins on November 21, with the final due to take place on December 18.

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