Gerard Pique 'asked for Spain match to be moved' so he could watch 1 month ago

Gerard Pique 'asked for Spain match to be moved' so he could watch

Pique wanted to attend a Davis Cup match

Gerard Pique allegedly asked Spanish FA president Luis Rubiales to move a Spain match so he could watch a tennis game, according to reports in Spain.


As reported by El Confidencial, the Barcelona legend attempted to change the calendar of the international side so he could attend a Davis Cup match with ex-girlfriend Shakira in 2019.

However, Spain's fixture went ahead as scheduled, with the team securing a 5-0 win over Romania. Yet, Pique was not involved in the squad.

The report claims that Pique said: "Rubi, we have to speak about an issue that is very important for me and you need to do me this favour one way or another. I will explain. I can see that there is a match, which is Spain-Romania... on Monday the 18th of November.


"Monday the 18th of November the Davis Cup starts in Madrid, as well. Shakira will do the inauguration, my partner will sing, we will put on a insane show, in the afternoon there will be matches.

"Of course, if that same match between Spain and Romania at the Wanda is also on, we are cannibalising each other, we ruin each other. I don't know what the calendar before is, I don't know if it can be moved to Sunday, which would be perfect.

"I don't know if you play Friday or Thursday… Let's look at the calendar issue, but I know that you still haven't started selling tickets and it would be possible to move it, therefore, let's look at (it)."


Pique was told it might not be possible

Rubiales supposedly told the 35-year-old, who is the the founder of Kosmos, which organises the Davis Cup competition, that he 'didn't know if it was possible'.

"Ok I will look to see if it is possible, I don't know if it is possible, but if it is possible, we will try it," Rubiales allegedly responded.


Sergio Ramos 'asks' Spanish FA to help him win Ballon d'Or

The news about Pique comes after leaked audio recordings of Sergio Ramos appear to show the defender asking the Spanish Football Federation (SFF) to help him with the Ballon d'Or.

Ramos - who was captain of Real Madrid at the time - had conversations with the former head of the SFF, Rubiales, in 2020.


In the conversation between the two, Ramos can be clearly heard trying to persuade Rubiales to back him to become the first defender since Fabio Cannavaro to win football's biggest individual accolade.

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