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01st Nov 2018

Gary Neville thinks football’s biggest shithouse should win the Ballon d’Or

Reuben Pinder

Top, top trolling

Gary Neville is widely regarded as one of the most insightful pundits in the world of football, certainly in the UK. His analysis is miles ahead of the average ‘say what you see’ section on Match of the Day and he is brutally honest.

He’s also very partisan. Having grown up a Manchester United fan and played for his boyhood club throughout his entire career, there would be no point in hiding his allegiance to the club. He’s unapologetically a United fan. Sometimes it clouds his judgement, others it makes him more demanding of their players. He’s a fan with biases, just like all of us.

As a United fan, he doesn’t like Liverpool. And Liverpool don’t like him. It’s a beautiful, hilarious rivalry that has created countless funny moments on Monday Night Football between himself and Jamie Carragher, as the pair discuss the weekend’s football.

Neville is not afraid of a Twitter debate either, despite the mountains of abuse he must receive from endless trolls.

With the Ballon d’Or awards evening coming up, ‘@Whatev_bru’ asked Neville who he thought should win the esteemed individual prize this year.

His response? ‘Ramos’.

Let’s just appreciate the level of trolling going on here. He knows exactly what he’s doing, suggesting that Sergio Ramos, the man who injured Mo Salah in the Champions League final, deserves the Ballon d’Or demonstrates huge commitment to winding up Liverpool fans.

In all likelihood, the award will go to someone like Antoine Griezmann, who played a key role in France’s World Cup and Atlético Madrid’s Europa League win.