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27th Sep 2021

Gary Neville calls for authenticity on social media accounts after Bruno Fernandes apology

Callum Boyle

“It’s embarrassing! They need to sack their PR managers and get on with it.”

Gary Neville has called for players to take control of their own accounts on social media after expressing his frustrations following a post by Bruno Fernandes after his penalty miss against Aston Villa at the weekend.

Neville, who has previously made his feelings known about the lack of authenticity on social media, now believes it is time for change. Many professionals opt to hire PR teams to take control of what is posted on their respective profiles with the individual in question often playing no role in what is posted.

In his latest Q and A on Twitter, the former Manchester United full-back didn’t hold back when it came to providing his thoughts, claiming that “It’s embarrassing!” and that players should “Sack the PR managers and get on with it.”

The Sky Sports pundit also seemed to imply that this discussion isn’t over, with Neville suggesting that he is “Going to go big on this in the next few weeks.”

Following the end of his Q and A, Neville then added: “The apology culture that’s engulfing football would be ok if it came from a genuine place. However, more often than not, it’s a smokescreen and diversion tactic designed to mask crap performance by experts!! Lose a game = crisis comms meet! How do we spin this one our way?

“Final message of the day on the apology stuff and strong advice to players. If you’re going to say something after a game, go on TV (I accept players don’t always want to) or post a video on social media where everyone can see it is you.”

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