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15th Sep 2021

Gary Neville mocked by Jamie Carragher following hasty Liverpool tweet

Daniel Brown

United fans might want to take his phone off him at this rate

It seems that Gary Neville hasn’t learnt his lesson from Tuesday night.

The former Manchester United right-back once again fell victim to a premature tweet – this time, though, it was about Liverpool, rather than United.

After Cristiano Ronaldo put the Red Devils ahead in their Champions League match against Young Boys on Tuesday night, Neville was quick to post a sarcastic video of him laughing on Twitter, accompanied by a goat emoji – seemingly taking a jibe at his MNF co-host, Jamie Carragher, who claimed that Messi was the best player out of the two.

However, his joy was short-lived as his former side conceded twice – including a 95th minute winner after a shocking mistake from Jesse Lingard – to lose their opening group game.

Carragher was quick to mock his Monday Night Football partner by making a photo of Neville with his hand on his face his new profile picture on Twitter.

Considering this, it would be fair to assume that Neville would wait until the final whistle before tweeting something similar next time.

Yet, that would’ve been too simple…

After Liverpool conceded twice against AC Milan on Wednesday night, Neville posted two selfies on Twitter – the second one showing him laughing.

However, and much like on Tuesday night, the former United man’s joy didn’t last as Jurgen Klopp’s side put on a dominant second-half display by scoring twice to secure a 3-2 win over Milan at Anfield.

As expected, former Reds defender Carragher was quick to mock Neville for his hasty tweet – this time, by adding a comical filter to one of the selfies that the 46-year-old had previously posted.Gary

Despite providing Carragher with an easy opportunity to mock him, Neville evidently enjoys having a joke on Twitter. It would certainly be disappointing to see him stop positing his infamous ‘goal selfies’, even if there is 45 minutes left to play.

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