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12th May 2019

Gary Neville has brutal response to Liverpool coming second in Premier League


It came after Jamie Carragher described Liverpool’s season as a “great effort” and mocked Manchester United for their loss to Cardiff

Gary Neville has responded to Liverpool’s title defeat by posting a photoshopped image of the team celebrating coming second, after earlier in the day outlining his “dream scenario” that would see both Manchester City and Liverpool lose on the final day of the season.

The image was posted on Twitter by Neville in response Jamie Carragher writing: “Congratulations to Man City worthy winners of the PL, great effort from LFC & 1 more win away from number 6 don’t forget! Man United can’t beat Cardiff & the blues are as bad as ever!! #UpTheReds”

Obviously, Neville wasn’t having any of that. In reply, the former Manchester United captain, captioned the digitally altered photo: “Great season mate well done!”

Ahead of today’s events that saw City crowned the Champions by 98 points to Liverpool’s 97, Neville had outlined a harsh scenario he would have liked to have seen, that would have left fans of both clubs with a bitter taste in their mouth.

“My perfect scenario today would be Brighton make it 1-0 with about 5 minutes to go and Liverpool are winning 1-0 at the time, then somebody from Wolves scores with 2 minutes to go,” said the former Manchester United defender.

He added: “That would almost be perfect.”

Things didn’t pan out exactly as he might have intended, but Neville can at least take solace in having claimed more Premier League titles in the North West than any members of the Merseyside team have.