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21st Oct 2015

Garth Crooks stirs up anger with comments on Ander Herrera and Wayne Rooney

Wayne Rooney holding back Ander Herrera?

Tom Victor

BBC pundit Garth Crooks has been known for his somewhat controversial opinions, but his latest comments about Manchester United’s Ander Herrera have touched a nerve.

Crooks made the unprecedented move of selecting a sensible 4-2-3-1 formation in his latest team of the week, forcing him to inspire anger through other means.

In his assessment of Herrera’s performance at Everton, the former Tottenham striker dropped the following bombshell:

“Herrera is very fortunate to have such an accommodating captain as Wayne Rooney, who has waited patiently for him and other new arrivals to come to terms with Louis van Gaal’s new system, often to Rooney’s detriment.”

Rooney, in case you hadn’t noticed, is not the most popular among a large section of football fans, including those who support Man United.

Naturally, the reaction to Crooks’ comments was not the most accommodating.