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12th Oct 2015

Gareth Bale’s agent appears to make another dig at Cristiano Ronaldo

Doing his client no favours...

Robert Redmond

Jonathan Barnett has been talking about Cristiano Ronaldo… again.

Gareth Bale’s agent has been pretty vocal in recent months about his client’s situation at Real Madrid. At the end of last season, he said the Welsh winger was playing poorly because his teammates wouldn’t pass him the ball.

Then, before the start of this season, he made claimed that Bale would soon eclipse Ronaldo, who was “coming to the end of his career.”

And now Barnett, who’s agency also represents Jack Grealish, has landed another dig at Ronaldo, despite intending to speak about his own client.

“Gareth is a great footballer,” Barnett told The Guardian, “he doesn’t want anything more.”

“He has some very good endorsements but his whole life is to be the best footballer in the world. I don’t think he wants to be the best model in the world or the best underwear seller. That’s not him.”

So Bale is great because, unlike Ronaldo, he only cares about football?

Barnett gave some insight into the relationship between the Madrid pair, revealing that “there’s no hatred there.”

“They don’t go out eating every night together, but it’s fine… Gareth is a quiet guy. They’re complete opposites.”

Barnett also predicted that despite the love for Ronaldo at Real, his reign will soon be over, and now that Bale is getting his own way, he’ll soon be the best footballer in the world.

“I think there’s a great love of Ronaldo. I think that the new guard is coming and there’s some resentment, perhaps, to that. But I think things will change. Gareth’s now playing in a better position [more centrally], where he wants to play. I’ve always said it, I think he’ll be the best player in the world in the next couple of years.”