Gareth Bale elbows Ondrej Kudela in the face during match against Czech Republic 7 months ago

Gareth Bale elbows Ondrej Kudela in the face during match against Czech Republic

The Czech international is accused of racially abused Glen Kamara in Rangers' recent Europa League game

Gareth Bale is being celebrated by the footballing world today, but not for any magic with the ball. No, he is being celebrated after elbowing Ondrej Kudela in the face.


In Wales' World Cup qualifying match against the Czech Republic (in which they nabbed a late victory through Dan James), Kudela received an emphatic elbow to the face from the Welsh captain.

In case you're wondering why people have been happy to see this, Kudela is the player accused of racially abusing Glen Kamara in Rangers' Europa League game just a few weeks ago.

As you can see, Bale is certainly aware the player is behind him - he even swivels his head to check before jumping - and the swing of the arm is pretty clear.

Nevertheless, as the commentators said at the time, "I'm sure there will be large sections of the football community that won't be too upset to see him take a blow to the face" - i.e., virtually everyone.


Kamara and his teammates spoke heartbreakingly and passionately about the abuse after the game, with his teammate Connor Goldson telling Sky Sports that he felt things were "never going to change", while Kamara himself released a statement after the incident, saying "enough is enough".

So much more has to be done to kick racism out of football and as much as we might like to see alleged racists get their just desserts on the pitch, it isn't a viable solution. Thierry Henry and Gareth Bale are actually the latest to boycott social media, for instance, as calls for them to regulate their users get louder.