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21st Nov 2015

Former Premier League boss Steve Kean has won his first league title

Tom Victor

Blackburn fans don’t have the fondest memories of Steve Kean, but their former manager is doing his best to rebuild his career.

The Scotsman relegated the Lancashire club from the top flight in 2012, and they have yet to return.

But for all his Premier League struggles, the 48-year-old has plenty of time to show he has what he takes to manage at the top level.

And winning his first league title won’t hurt.

Kean is currently in charge of Brunei DPMM, and under his guidance they have become only the second foreign team ever to win the Singaporean S-League.

He has brought a number of Europeans to the Asian club, including Ireland international Joe Gamble and Northern Irishman Brian McLean.

Teams from Brunei, Malaysia and Japan play in the S-League, which Brunei DPMM have clinched with a game to spare.