Former Manchester United player insists Romelu Lukaku song isn't racist 4 years ago

Former Manchester United player insists Romelu Lukaku song isn't racist

Paul Ince doesn't reckon Manchester United fans' chant about Romelu Lukaku is racist.

A song which references Lukaku's penis has been condemned by anti-discrimination group Kick It Out as "offensive and discriminatory," while United have insisted that they have a "zero-tolerance," policy on such matters and will liaise with Kick It Out to encourage supporters to refrain from singing it.


The song, which came in for significant criticism after appearing on Twitter page MUFC Songs & Chants during United's Champions League group opener against Basel last week, has prompted plenty of reaction in the football community.


One former United player who believes that the song is not racist is Paul Ince, who scored 25 goals in 206 games for the Red Devils in the early 1990s.

"I don’t think the chant is racist," Ince told Paddy Power News.

"I honestly think it’s a group of fans that have got carried away and did not expect the backlash they have got. I’d say it’s just a bit of fun, that’s got out of control now.


"For a player to hear that sung about themselves, I do think they’d think it was amusing, a bit of a laugh.

"If this chant was being sang at me when I was playing, I would just laugh it off and that would be it.

"Fans have sung chants for years and far worse than that in my time, though I suppose a lot of them would have never been heard because of social media.

"I don’t think Romelu Lukaku would say it was racist."